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ADJ’s Thermal Fire Detection cameras detect a rise in temperature and hot spots before they ignite, giving you the chance to manage fire danger proactively, reducing your overall risk. Allowing your site operatives and our remote monitoring centre staff to spot the early signs of combustion and to alert the emergency services.

An effective Fire Thermal Detection System plays a critical role in the protection of business assets, occupants and staff in the event of a fire, whilst minimising damage, loss and possible downtime.
ADJ Fire and Security are proud members of The British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA) and we are currently the only UK security company to gain membership. The BMRA represent over 270 metal recycling organisations in the UK and internationally.

thermal fire detection

thermal fire detection systems

Offering a range of thermal fire detection systems & solutions throughout the UK

Waste management and recycling sites face an inherent fire risk due to the volume of combustible materials stored on site. There are more than 300 fires a year at waste and recycling plants in the UK. As well as representing an obvious danger to human life, these fires pose a major environmental hazard and impose a significant cost on business in property damage.

At ADJ Fire and Security, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience of helping recycling organisations, skip hire and waste management centres to comply with demands for this type of technology required by insurance companies. There are numerous types of thermal fire detection systems, each suited to many different environments and buildings. Our experienced team will conduct a thorough site survey and suggest our recommended solution, taking into consideration key areas for protection and agreed budgets.

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