Alertex school lockdown system

Why Alertex School Lockdown system...

As part of the Ofsted inspection, schools will be asked if they have a Lockdown Policy. This can be a simple document with guidelines. At present, schools do not need to have a Lockdown system in place. However, Ofsted now advocate a dedicated lockdown alarm to be in place, distinctive to the sound of the fire alarm. This is in line with advice from NACTSO (National Counter Terrorism Security Office) which states that the ‘use of fire alarms should be avoided to reduce incorrect response to an incident’. The ALERTEX Lockdown System has been developed as a simple, rapidly deployable range of call and alert points aimed at supporting schools with their site security requirements.

alertex school lockdown system

The ALERTEX call-point with either a sounder or annunciator / beacon is a staple in any setup. When the call-point button on the unit is pressed, all units on the same site within 1km will be activated. The master variant is fitted with a reset key which will deactivate the ALERTEX system post-activation. External units have an IP66 weather rating and are both water and dust resistant.

ALERTEX sounder/beacon can play one of 32 different alert sounds. Annunciator / beacon units can play either a standard or custom lockdown message. Both the sounder and annunciator variant are paired with a flashing beacon. The unit features no call point and is activated when a call-point or keyfob on the same site is triggered. The volume of the sounder is adjustable up to 117 dB.

The ALERTEX wireless call-point can activate any ALERTEX sounder or annunciator / beacon units on the same site within a 500m radius. It requires no wires or cabling and is battery operated.

The ALERTEX key fob acts as a portable call-point and can activate Nexus sounder or annunciator / beacons on the same site when used within 100m of a repeating unit. The key fob is supplied with a lanyard and breakaway clip.

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