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Fire extinguishers Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham & Northumberland...

Fire Extinguishers are essential to protect the integrity of your site and the safety of your employees and visitors. At ADJ Fire and Security we are a BAFE SP101 certified company. We provide a comprehensive range of Fire Extinguishers and Fire Safety Equipment to respond to the specific needs of your site in Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham & Northumberland. Fully compliant with BS5306-3 & BS5306-8, all Extinguishers are British Standard Kite Marked to ensure quality.

Professional maintenance of fire extinguishers and mechanical fire safety systems is a vital part of any business, understanding that the integrity of these systems need to be maintained to protect the safety of not only your premises and assets but also your employees and residents.

Correct fire extinguishers service & maintenance not only gives great peace of mind, but it is also a legal requirement. Fire extinguishers service should be perfomred once a year to conform with fire safety regulations.

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One of the UK's leading suppliers of fire extinguishers in Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham & Northumberland...

We provide fire extinguishers service & maintenance for premises of all sizes and applications. From shopping centres to restaurants, our experts can provide meticulous fire extinguisher inspections, and we can also supply you with replacement BS 5306-3-compliant extinguishers, should yours be found to be broken.

We pride ourselves on delivering prompt, efficient and effective service that helps each of our customers stay as safe as possible.

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